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Redwood Creek
HOUSE wine. Subtle, easy drinking chardonnay, with tropical flavors and melon. glass or bottle
Glen Ellen
Simple, food friendly with tart apples and mineral flavors, short herbal finish. Glass or Bottle
This wine contains subtle fruit aromoas and a pleasant complex character. Ideal with light entrees. BOTTLE
Fetzer Sundial
A distinctive chardonnay with fresh tropical citrus and apple aromas with a hint of butter and oak spice. BOTTLE
Jacobs Creek
Ripe, spicy and rich with toasty oak and generous pear and pineapple. Great with OYSTERS, SHELLFISH and PASTA. BOTTLE
Clos Du Bois (klow-do-bra)
Rich in style, buttery and bold. Also flavors of oak. Has a long lasting finish. BOTTLE
Soft and pleasant with pineapple and citrus flavors and hints of toasted oak. Fruity and refreshing with an earthy edge. BOTTLE
La Crema
Rich and creamy with ripe apple and pear fruit, and hints of vanilla to finish. Great with SEAFOOD, PORK and CREAMY CHEESE. BOTTLE
Kendall Jackson
DRYEST WHITE!! Concentrated citrus, melon, apple and tropical fruit with buttery, toasty oak. Suggest with SEAFOOD and PASTA. (most drinkable chardonnay) GLASS OR BOTTLe
Citrus and lemon with green apple undertones and a smooth toasty oak finish Great with SALMON and POULTRY. BOTTLE
Sonoma Cutrer (koo trare)
DRYEST WHITE. Very smooth chardonnay, flavors of green apples and spice. Very soft and Elegent. GLASS or BOTTLE. Great value for great chardonnay
Ripe tropical fruit with floral aromas and coconut undertones. Perfect with POULTRY, PASTA, and MILD CHEESES. BOTTLE