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What new weapons were used in the war?
Machine guns, tanks, poison gas
How did Hawaii become part of the United States?
Americans took over the government and set up a republic
What was the purpose of the draft?
To bring people into the army
Which countries were the Central Powers?
Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Ottoman Empire
How did the government control manufacturing and farming during the war?
By setting up the War Industries Board and the Food Administration
What was the League of Nations?
An organization that worked for peaceful solutions to problems among nations
What caused people to become interested in Alaska?
Gold was discovered there
How did women help in wartime?
Took over many jobs at home and served in the military
Why did the United States go to war with Spain?
To protect the lives of Americans living in Cuba
How did reformers try to help children?
They worked to pass laws against child labor
Why did Roosevelt believe the United States should use its power in the world?
Because he believed that what happened in the rest of the world affected the United States
Why did the United Stes wnat to build the Panama Canal?
To link the nation's territories in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
What was the square deal?
Roosevelt's program to give all people equal opportunity to succeed.
How did the Sixteenth and Seventeeth Amendments change the federal government?
16th -- income tax
17th -- direct election of senators
What reforms were made by states and cities?
The workday was shortened, child labor was reduced, and the state was required to pay workers hurt on the job
Which countries were the Allied Powers?
Britain, France, Italy, Russia
What groups worked for equal rights in the early 1900s
the NAACP anf th National Urban League