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What is the official religion of Egypt?
Name the three main ethnic groups of Nigeria.
How do most Yoruba in Nigeria make their living?
Why is the Quran sacred to Muslims?
They believe it contains the word of God.
What does the Swahili word, "harambee" mean?
working together
Name the two main ethnic groups in Burundi and Rwanda.
Which ethnic group in Burundi and Rwanda has been in power most of the time?
The white leaders in control of South Africa after it gained its independence passed laws to do what?
The laws kept land and wealth in white owners.
Who did South Africans elect as their president after the end of apartheid (when blacks got to vote)?

Is he white or black?
Nelson Mandela is a black man.
The apartheid laws passed by the National Party in South Africa made what legal?
racial discrimination
The laws passed by the new South African government after apartheid ended made what illegal?
discrimination based on race
How did blacks live in South Africa under apartheid?
They had almost no rights.
Define census.
a count of the people in an area
Define fellaheen.
rural Egyptian farmers
Define apartheid.
a South African system that made it legal to treat blacks unfairly
Define discriminate.
to treat people unfairly because of race, religion, or gender