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What are the min req's for XP PRO?
133 mhz, 64 MB of Ram 1.5 GB memory, SGVA resolution or better.
What OS's can directly be upgraded to XP Pro?
windows 98, ME, NT and windows 2000.
What should one check for when upgrading Windows NT or 2000?
That service pack 6 is installed.
What is not supported by XP from NT or 2000?
Applications that use file-sysmtem filters, custom power management, custom Pnp.
What should be removed when upgrading NT or 2000 to XP Pro?
Virus scanners, network services or other client software.
What is the Upgrade Checklist?
A list of things to do once you've decided to upgrade. Check min req's, Run Windows XP Upgrade Advisor from website, back up date and config, del useless files, check for existing driver problems, uncompress partitions, up to date BIOS
How can one Migrate User Data once Xp Pro has been upgraded?
With a Utility User State Migration Tool (used by admins)
The two executable files in User State Migration Tool are ___ and ___.
ScanState.exe and LoadState.exe.
Where is Scanstate.exe and LoadState.exe located?
In the Windows XP Pro cd in the \valueadd\Msft\Usmt folder.
What are the four different migration rule files?
Migapp.inf, Migsys.inf, Miguser.inf and Sysfiles.inf
Name a way to check for compatability options when upgrading.
winint32 /upgradeonly
What is not supported with upgrade?
Apps that share files, custom power management, custom Pnp, 3rd party apps for Me or 98 that support copressed drives.