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avoiding stage

a lose-lose conflict style in which people nonassertively ignore or stay away from conflict

bonding stage

a stage of relational development in which the partners make symbolic gestures to show that their relationship exists

circumscribing stage

a relational stage in which partners begin to reduce to the scope of their contact and commitment to one another

comparison level

the minimum standard of what behavior is acceptable from a relationship partner

comparison level of alternatives

a comparison between the rewords one is receiving in a present situation and those one could expect to receive in others

dialectical tension

relational tensions that arise when two opposing or incompatible forces exist simultaneously

differentiation stage

a relational stage inn which the partners reestablish their individual identities after having bonded

experimenting stage

an early stage in relational development, consisting of a search for common ground.if the experimentation is successful, relationship progresses to intensifying. if not, it may go no further

initiating stage

the first stage in relational development in which the interactants express interest in one another

integrating stage

a relational stage in which the interactants begin to take on a single identity

intensifying stage

a relational stage following experimenting in which the interactants move toward integration by increasing their amount of contact and the breadth and depth of their self-disclosure

relational commitment

a promise,explicit or implied, to remain in a relationship and to make that relationship successful

relational maintenance

communication aimed at keeping relationships operating smoothly and satisfactorily

stagnating stage

a relational stage characterized by declining enthusiasm and standardized forms of behavior

terminating stage

the conclusion of a relationship, characterized by the acknowledgment of one or both partners that the relationship is over