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What are the two primary networking models?
- Peer-to-peer
- Client/server
Which version of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is designed specifically for use as an Internet server and supports up to 2 GB of memory and two processors?
What are the four versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003? Choose four correct answers.
- Standard
- Web
- Data Center
- Enterprise
What are the two versions of Microsoft Windows XP?
- Home
- Professional
Which two versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 support Intel Itanium processors and support 64-bit addressing?
- Datacenter
- Enterprise
What is the native file sharing protocol used on all Microsoft Windows operating systems?
Which of the following services are optional and are not considered part of the core capabilities of Microsoft Windows?
Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS)
What is the native file sharing protocol used on Novell NetWare networks?
Which two features of Novell NetWare are used to authenticate users and control access to the network? Choose two correct answers.
- Bindery
- eDirectory
What is the native file sharing protocol used on UNIX/Linux systems?
Which two programs are used on UNIX/Linux systems to facilitate printing? Choose two correct answers.
What are the four main components of the Microsoft Windows client protocol stack?
- Protocol drivers
- Client redirector
- Services
- Network interface adapter drivers
Which of the following networking software components configures a redirector on computers running Microsoft Windows?
Client for Microsoft Networks
Novell's eDirectory and Microsoft's Active Directory directory service are hierarchical tree structures that use two types of objects for organization. What are these two objects? Choose two correct answers.
- Containers
- Leaves
Which Microsoft feature uses a hierarchical domain structure with multiple master replication to allow servers to authenticate users and control access to the network?
Active Directory directory service
Which of the following protocols uses broadcasts and a static table to map Media Access Control (MAC) addresses to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and cannot be forwarded by routers?
Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
Which protocols can be used to resolve Media Access Control (MAC) addresses to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses? Choose all answers that are correct.
- Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
- Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP)
Which Internet Protocol (IP) address allocation method is not supported by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)?
Identify the four Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) messages that are exchanged by DHCP clients and servers to obtain an Internet Protocol (IP) address and configuration parameters.
What are two Internet Protocol (IP) host name-to-IP address resolution methods that can be used by IP hosts? Choose two correct answers.
Hosts file
Domain Name System (DNS)
What are three Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS) host name-to-Internet Protocol (IP) address resolution methods? Choose three correct answers.
NetBIOS broadcasts
Lmhosts file
Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)