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" I visited the Hawaiian islands in 1778. This brought world to the attention to Hawaii."

Captain James Cook

I became Queen of Hawaii in 1891. My plan was to restore power the Hawaiian monarchy but was overthrown by American business people

Queen Lilikualani

I was proclaimed the president of Hawaii in 1893.I invested a lot of money in Hawaiian fruit industry

Mathew Perry

I won the Noble Peace Prize for my efforts in negotiating the Treaty of Portsmouth

Theodore Roosevelt

I operated in North Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. My followers and i wanted land to be returned to the native people.

Frances "Pancha" Vila

I, along with Walter Reed, proved that mosquitoes caused yellow fever. Also, I was responsible for drainage projects in Cuba and Panama to eliminate the threat of yellow fever and mlaria

Walter Reed/ William Gorgas

I was a dictator of Mexico from 1877 to 1910. I brought stability and foreign investments to Mexico.

Porfirio Diaz

I was the publisher of New York Journal and turned it into one of the best selling newpaper

William Randolph Hearst

I proved the theory that yellow fever was caused by mosquitoes. An army hospital was named after me.

Carlos Finlay

I urged Cubans to fight for their independence from Spain. I founded the Cuban Revolutionary party and became one of Cuba's greatest heroes

Jose Marti

I originally led the Rough Riders which helped to take Kettle and San Jan Juan Hills. I was later promoted. As a result, Theodore Roosevelt took command of the regiment.

Leonard wood

I commanded the U.S. navy's Asiatic Squadron which either sank or set afire Spain's fleet in Manila Bay

Woodrow Wilson

My men and I were supposed t capture Pancho Villa after he raided Columbus, New Mexico. We were never able to find him.

John Pershing

I overthrew Francisco Madero for the Mexican presidency. Woodrow Wilson did not recognized my government as he believed I did not have the legitimate claim to power

Sanford Dole

I led the Great White Fleet on a "World Tour" to show American strength and powers

Rear Admiral Charles Sperry