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Bank Statement:
A statement received monthly from the bank that shows the depositor's bank transactions and balances.
Resources that consist of coins, currency , checks, money orders, and noney on hand or on deposit in a bank or similar depository.
Cash Budget
A projectdion of anticipated cash flows, usually over a tone- to two-year period.
Cash Equivalents
Short-term, highly liquid investments that can be converted to a specific amount of cash.
Deposits In Transit
Deposits recorded by by the depositor that have not been recorded by the bank.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
A disbursement system that uses wire, telephone, telegraph, or computer to transfer cash from one location to another.
INternal Auditors
Comnpany employees who evaluate on a continuous basis teh effectiveness fof the company's system of internal control.
Internal Control
The plan of organization and all the related methods and measures adopted within a business to safeguard it's assets and enhance the accuracy and reliability of it's accountant records.
NSF Check
A check that is not paid by a bank becuase of insufficient funds in a customer's bank account.
Outstanding Checks
Checks issued and recorded by a company that have not been paid by the bank.
Petty Cash Fund
A cash fund used to pay relatively small amounts.
Restricted Cash
Cash that is not available for general use, but instead is restricted for a particular purpose.
Employee responsible for the management of a company's cash.