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Supine is also known as

Dorsal recumbent position , which means back lying position prone


Stomach lying position

Growlers position

Sitting up in bed at 45 degree angle

Semi - fowlers

Sitting up in bed at a 30 degree angle

Sims position

Lying on left side w. The right knee flexed & resting on a pillow

Trendelenberg position

The mattress is tilted so the residents head is below level of their feet . It is used when it is necessary to bring blood to the brain , such as for someone in shock

The spine has 3 natural curves

Cervical ( neck )

Thoracic ( middle back )

Lumbar ( lower back )

What does " poor body mechanics " mean ?

Disruption of the 3 natural curves which makes spine vulnerable to injury

5 important rules of good body mechanics

1 - Check environment for safety

2 - evaluate you load

3 - get close to your load

4 - keep back straight

5 - bend at knees

6 - ask for help

What different types of resident with special need may present challenges in lifting

Obese residents

Residents attached to tubes

Residents w. Casts

Residents who cannot bear weight on 1 leg

3 behaviors that considered to place a person at risk for contacting HIV

Unprotected sex

Sharing needles

Direct contact w. Infected blood ( splashed in the face , eyes , mouth )

What does AIDS stand for

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Symptoms of HIV

Weight loss , nausea , fatigue