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abstain (verb)
not to do something by choice
not to vote.

I abstain go to a movie with a date that was chosen by my mom.
conducive (adjective)
contributing, to leading to

Red roses are conducive to love.
Status quo (noun)
sta'tes kwo'
the existing conditions, present state of things

My status quo uncle nevers change his childish behavior.
Abduction (noun) ab-duk'shen

In many country, the abduction of kids are the big problems.
staunch (adjective)
faithful, firmly supporting
healthy, strong

My stauch cat fights back the mean dog.
eject (verb) i-jekt
to force to leave, to expel

I ejected my sister's friend out of my room.
extract (verb)
to pull out, to draw out
something that is draw out.

The principle extracted the price for the first perfect attendent student.
Dejected (adjective)
depressed, dowcast

I was dejected after the death of my grandpa.
retract (verb)
to withdraw a promise or statement, to pull something back.

The turtle retrach to its shell when it is frighten.
Jettison (verb)
to throw out forcefully, to throw overboard

I jettisoned some unnessary programs out of my destop.
tenable (adj) ten'ebel
capable of being defened, logical
deduction (noun)
something subtracted from a total
a conclusion drawn from evidence

Tom didnt show up yet so that I made the deduction he forgot about his appointment.
Stature stach'er
level of achievement and honor
physical heigh

My sister has a great stature in art.
circumspect (adj)
caution, careful, considering results of actions.

It is snowing outside, we should circumspect drive of icy.
perverse (adj)
contrary, determined not to do what is expected or rigght
transformation (noun) trans'fer-ma'tion
to ccomplet change
tenacious (adjective)
firmly holding, gripping retaining.

My tenacious sister never gives up her math problems until she found the answer.
circumvent Verb
to avoid, to outwit

We circumvent of fire by careful place all matches away from the kids.
distraught (adj) dis-trot'
crazy with worry.

I became distraught when I lost my diamond ring.
adversary (noun)
oppenent, foe
transcend verb
to overcome, to go above limit

My sister's party transcend of time to be home.
invadvertently (adverb)in'ed-vur'tnt-le
unintentionally, by accident
i inadvertently looked my keys in my house.
transitory (Adj)
short-lived, passing