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the air conditioner
el aire acondicionado
the TV
el televisor
the pillow
la almohada
the sheets
la sabana (accent on the first a)
the bed
la cama
the bathroom
el bano (accent on the n)
the towel
la toalla
the shower
la ducha
a bar of soap (2 ways)
una barra (una pastilla) de jabon (accent on the o in jabon)
the bathtub
la banera (accent on the n)
the toilet (2 ways)
el inodoro, el vater (accent on the a)
the closet
el armario
the hanger (3 ways)
la percha, el colgador, el gancho
the maid
la camarera
la camarera ha limpiado el cuarto.
ha hecho (tendido) la cama.
ha cambiado las toallas.
the maid has cleaned the room.
she has made the bed.
she has changed the towels.