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Negligent Hiring
hiring workers with questionable backgrounds without propoer safegurards
consitency of scores obtained by the same person when retested with the identical test on another occasion
test validity
accuracy with which a test measures what it means to measure and fulfills the function it was designed to fill
criterion validity
a type of validity, based on showing scores on the test (predictors) are related to job performance (if it has nothing to do with the job, why test it? = invalid)
content validity
a test which contains a fair sample of the tasks and skills actually needed for the job in question
expectancy chart
a graph showing the relationship between test scores and job performance for a group of people
interest inventory
a personal development and selection device that compares the person's current interest with those of others now in various occupations so as to determine preferred occupation for the individual (that guys likes the same stuff you do, so go do what he does)
work samples
actual job tasks used in testing applicant's performance
work sampling technique
method based on measuring performance on actual basic job tasks
management assessment center
a simulation in which management candidates are asked to perform realistic tasks in hypothetical situations and are scored on their performance. usually involves testing and the use of management games
situational test
a test that requires examinees to respond to situations representative of the job
video-based simulation
a situational test in which examinees respond to video simulation of realistic job situations
miniature job training and evaluation
training candidates to perform several of the job's tasks and then evaluation the candidates' performance prior to hire