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Use the formula for kinetic energy to describe the relationship btw. the kinetic energy or an object, its mass, and its velocity.
The greater the mass of an object, or the greater the velocity of an object (usually) the greater the K.E.
What is kinetic energy?
The energy or motion. The word kinetic comes from greek word kinetikos, "motion". The faster an object moves the more kinetic energy it has.
Give an ex. of an energy conversions needed to run a hair dryer.
The power plant uses chemical energy, burns it turning it into heat energy when is turned into mechanical energy, which turns intto electric energy, and then the electric energy goes through the power lines and becomes heat energy in the dryer.
What are the two types of potential energy?
elastic potential energy, and gravitational potential energy.
What is nuclear energy?
The energy that comes from the nucleus of an atom. When the nucleus splits, nuclear energy is released in the form of heat and light energy. It is also released when lightweight nuclei collide at high speeds and fuse. It is the most concentrated form of energy.
What are the two different states of energy?
kinetic energy and potential energy.
Why is energy measured in teh same unit as work?
Because energy is the ability to do work, it is measured in the same unit of work.
How is energy related to momentum?
Mass and velocity are used to measure momentum, they are also used to measure K.E. thus, an object with momentum also has K.E.
How can objects gain energy?
Objects can gain work when work is done to them.
How is energy related to speed?
When you travel at a faster speed, you use more energy.
What discovery did Enstein make in 1905 which is part of is theory of relativity?
Even the tiniest mass can form a tremendous amount of energy. He was saying that mass and energy can be converted into each other. He clarified the L of C of E, by saying that "if matter is destroyed, energy is created and if energy is destroyed, matter is created." The total amount of mass and energy is conserved. In the sun, mass is continuosly changed into energy through nuclear fusion.
What is gravitational potential energy?
Potential energy that is dependant on height.
G.P.E. = weight height
The greater the weight, the greater the potential energy.
What is the Law of Conservation of Energy?
It states that energy can be neither destroyed or created by ordinary means.
How is kinetic energy related to work?
It is related to work because it can do work as it moves.
How is energy related to power?
Power is the rate at which work is done, power is the rate at which energy is consumed.
How does the L of C of E relate to energy conversions?
It related because the L says that energy is conserved, and when energy is changing into different forms, it too is also being conserved.
What is heat energy?
The internal motion of particles of matter. It usually results from friction. It causes in temperature and phase of any form of matter. ex: rub hands together and feel heat,
What are the two types of kinetic energy?
translational and rotational, translational is kinetic energy that moves in a straight line, rotational kinetic energy is kinetic energy that moves in a circle.
How is energy related to work?
Energy is the ability to do work.
Define energy.
The ability to do work.
What is electromagnetic energy?
The energy associated with moving charges. ex: light, each color represents a different amount of electromagnetic energy, power lines carry it, x - rays and radio waves.
Can all forms of energy be converted to other forms?
What are the different forms of energy?
mechanical, heat, chemical, electomagnetic, and nuclear.
What is the formula for kinetic energy?
K.E. = mass velocity
energy conversions
changes in the forms of energy. The most common involves the changing of K.E. to P.E. or P.E. to K.E.
What is chemical energy?
The energy required to bond atoms together. When the bonds are broken chemical energy is released. ex: food and feul.
What is potential energy?
The energy of shape or position. It stores the energy that was given to it when work was done on it. It has the potential to give the energy back by doing work,ex: chemical energy stored in food, energy is released when broken down, feul, nucleaus of an atom.
What is mechanical energy?
The energy associated with motion. ex: walking, an airplane, sound.
What is energy measured in?
Energy is measured in Joules (J).
How is energy related to force?
A force acting on an object to change its motion is doing work. If a force does work on an object it changes the energy of the object.