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Pontiacs Rebellion
Pontiac led a major attack against colonial settlements on western frontier, which tested colonial settlements policy
Proclamation of Sugar Act
raised money for the crown & placed duties on foreign sugar &certain luxuries.
Quartering Act
required colonist to shelter & provide food for British soldiers stationed in the colonies.
Stamp Act
required that revenue stamps be placed on most printed paper in colonies
Patrick Henry
expressed the importance of many when he stood in the house of burguesses to demand that the kings government recognize the rights of all citizens
Stamp Act Congress
a cooperative action against the stamp act, where 9 colonies came together in New York
Sons & Daughters of Liberty
secret society used to intimidate tax agents
Declaratory Act
law stated that Parliament had the right to tax and make laws for the colonies.
Townshed Acts
stated that recenues raised went to the crown officals in the colonies, provided for search in private homes for smuggling goods, enacted new duties to be collected in colonial imports.
Writs of assistance
general license to search anywhere
John Dickinson, letters from a farmer in Pennsylvania
argued that because duties were a form of taxation, they could not be collected on the colonies without the consent of their representative assemblies, but agreed that parliament could regulate commerce.
Samuel Adams & James Otis
Wrote the Massachusetts cirular letter, it urged colonies to petition Parliament to repeal the Townshnd Acts
Lord Fredrick North
new prime minister who urged parliament to repeal the Townshend Acts because their effect was to damage trade & to generate only a disappenting amount of revenue
Boston Massacre
took place on a snowy day in 1770. British were being harrased by colonist so they fired at them killing 5 people
Crispus Attucks
African american killed in boston massacre
Committees of correspondence
commites that would regularly exchange letters about suspicious British activities
Gaspee incidents
incident where the british ship which caught numbers of smugglers was set in fire by a group of colonist disguised native americans
Tea Act
made price of companies teas even withe the tax included
Boston Tea Party
shipment of East India Companies tea arrived in Bostons Harbor...but no buyers...were there...with the tea still on board ... colonist disguised as native americans dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor
intolerable Acts
various laws
Coercive Acts
four acts directed mainly at punishing the people of Boston & Massachusetts & bringing dissidents under control
Quebec Act
organized the canadian lands gained from France
18th century Americans were attracted to a European movement in literature & philosophy