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what is a cataract?
Large waterfall
what are escarpments?
large cliffs
Hydro- electric power
energy produced by moving water
Dissolving nutrients and washing them from the soil
Form of writing that uses pictures, and symbols
family line usually traced on fathers side
Common agreement among two peoples
the slave trade sent millions of Africans overseas. this scattering of people called diaspora, brought great suffering to those who were taken captive.
Holy war to purify islam
City state
Large town w/ own government controlls surrounding country
subsistence farmers
produced enough only enough for their own needs
Berlin confrence
at the berlin confrence, europeans made desisions about dividing Africa. No African's were invited to this confrence. European powers reconized leopolds personal claim to the congo free state.
Colonial government
Europeans developed 2 methods of ruling their colonies- direct and indirect rule. Direct rule meant that the colonial power controlled the government at every level. Indirect rule- kept traditional rulers in place and expected them to enforce laws made by British