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Ngo Dinh Diem

against Communism and US supported him, as the leader of S Vietnam

3 reasons the US helped France in the war

1. stop communism

2. france was our ally

3. didn't want china to turn communist

why did Vietnam divide into 2 parts?

avoid communism, non communists need a place to live, temporary solution to deciding the countries future.

Ho Chi Minh

North Vietnam hero that led the Vietnamese to fight from independence from France

Why was there a high percentage of Blacks drafted during this war

few blacks attended college

why did South Vietnam love JFK

he helped them overthrow their president and forced the soviets to remove nuclear mussels from Cuba

Dwight D Eisenhower

commander that refused to allow North and South Vietnam unite at the Geneva Conference

Lyndon B Johnson

he sent the first american troops to Vietnam, he didn't seek a 2nd term bc the US began to dislike his war time policies

William Westmoreland

commanded US military forces in Vietnam