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the combination of input devices, central processing unit, memory, output devices and storage devices
Computer system
a processing cycle that includes the steps of taking data in, processing it, storing it as necessary, and outputting the finished information to the user
Computing cycle
the “brain” of a computer incorporated into a single microprocessor chip
a measure of resolution in printers and some other output devices
a laser disc that is similar to a CD-ROM but can store considerable more data
a collection of related data, usually a product of a single task, that is saved on a storage device
a nonvolatile, portable magnetic storage device
Floppy disk
a digital organizer that is created by the user to hold related files on a disk
approximately one billion bytes of data or characters of data
the method of interaction in which the user enters commands by using a device such as a mouse or trackball to point to and click on icons displayed on the monitor
GUI(graphic user interface)