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A form of government in which people particpate directly in decision making
direct democracy
The number of live births each year per 1,000 people, or the _____, varies from one country to another
The movement of people to cities and the growth of cities
A person who moves to a new country in order to settle there is called a(n)
The social unit most responsible for teaching the customs and traditions of a culture is
the family
Communism, socialism, and capitalism are examples of
political systems
The way people in a culture are organized into smaller groups
social structure
In a country with a high ____, or total number of people, schools and public transportation can become overcrowded.
By comparing bithrates and death rates, demographers figure out
population growth
Cultures in which woment have the most authority in the family are called
Standards of accepted behavior in a society
When job opportunities appear in one region and disappear in another, a _____, or mass movement of people may occur
A system for producing, distributing, and consuming wealth is called a(n)
Democracy, monarchy, and dictatorship are examples of
forms of government
The way people are spread out over an area
population distribution
A scientist who studies the people who live in certain areas is called
When one country accepts, borrows, or exchanges ideas with another, ________ takes place.
A country that has a high population density has
some crowded areas
The average number of people who live in a square mile of land
population density
In many industrial nations, such as the US, parents and their children live in a(n)
nuclear family
Why did many people leave Ireland for the US in the 1800s?
They were escaping from religious persecution.
To explain the reasons for immigration, demographers figure out
the 'push-pull' theory
The movement of customs and ideas from one place to another
cultural diffusion
Citizens elect certain people to make laws in a(n)
representative democracy
Three important features of a culture are
language, values, and religious beliefs
Several generations of relatives living together
extended family
The average number of years a person is expected to live
life expectancy
A place where few people live
rural areas
People can change their environment by using the ____ that is available to them.
People's occupations, their behavior, and their beliefs are a part of their