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How can resistance exercise help you look better, feel better, and lead a more productive life?
Thoughts and feelings (mind and spirit) affect the body’s immune system and cause increased or decreased susceptibility to disease. A form of intelligence is in each cell; therefore, the body is not simply some other-than-real housing for the more-real inner self but is an integral aspect of the whole being.
Why is connective tissue important in skeletal muscle?
It holds muscle in place and transmits contractile forces from the muscle to the bone
What must be present in the cell for muscle contraction to take place?
Calcium and chemical energy (ATP). Calcium is common in certain foods. ATP is a high-energy molecule that is continuously regenerated in the body from the chemical energy contained in certain nutrients (e.g., carbohydrate, fat, and protein).
Which muscle fiber type generates the highest force but fatigues the quickest?
The fast-twitch B (FTb) fibers
How many sets and repetitions should healthy adults perform in a given workout of each resistance exercise?
Healthy adults should complete one to three sets of each exercise and eight to twelve repetitions to achieve near or complete fatigue.
What is the time-saver system?
The time-saver system means to move from one exercise to another without rest, so that a given muscle is not exercised again until you have worked other muscles.
Which muscles should you exercise near the end of your workout?
The smaller muscles, including the biceps, triceps, forearms, and abdominal muscles
In the first month of exercise, how can a muscle become stronger with no apparent increase in muscle size?
The nervous system is able to activate more muscle fibers in the working muscle and causes a higher maximal force of contraction
What appears to cause delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?
DOMS, usually felt eight to twenty-four hours after exercise, is likely caused from microscopic tears in the muscle and surrounding connective tissue that occur during vigorous aerobic and resistance exercise and even some types of stretching exercise.
What male-like characteristics do females acquire when taking anabolic steroids?
They begin to grow facial hair, experience an irreversible deepening of the voice, become more aggressive, experience hair loss or baldness, make less HDL cholesterol, and no longer menstruate.