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During the installation, your disk is unpartitioned. What happens?
You must create and size the w2k partition.
What is the HCL?
Hardware Compatability List.
How does setup determine how if FAT or FAT32 should be used
Smaller than 2 gig FAT
bigger than 2 gig FAT32
How big does Microsoft recommend the partition to be for installation of w2k?
1 gig- give you room for updates. 650 is minimum.
What are the three options on the initial w2k setup screen in the text mode?
Install now=ENTER
Repair w2k=R
QUIT = f something
What three file systems does W2k support?
What are the two types of W2k installations?
Attended and unattended
Installing, you have exsisting partition with enough space, what do you do.
Use the exsisting partition, overwriting the current data if there.
Licence Agreement in text setup, how do you agree?
f8 to agree
What three file systems does W2k support?
Whaqt key can be pressed during the text portion of setup to install drivers for RAID or SCSI?
What operating systems can access data on a NTFS drive>
Windows 2000
Licence Agreement in text setup, how do you agree?
f8 to agree
What are the hardware rquirements for Win2k
Pentium based CPU
32 MB, 64 Reccomended
650 mb, 2 gig rec
VGA or better
CDROM 12x (not needed if network install)
What installation options do you have for installing w2k?
Boot disk, CDRom, Network install mapping drives
Although you can use installation setup to create partitions, what should you do instread.
Make a partition for the W2k install only, as you can use the disk management tool in the admin tools to partition any remaining unpartitioned space on the disk
What are the features of NTFS
File level and folder level security

disk compression

disk quotas

file encryption

remote storage

dynamic volumes

mounting of volumes to folders

What are the features of FAT and FAT32
Supports dual booting
no file level security
Where is the HCL File located?
hcl.txt in the support folder on the w2k CD or on the Microsoft web site.
how would you dual boot a machine?
C as FAT or FAT32 and drive D as NTFS
Installing w2k, you have partitions, and available unpartitioned disk space, what can you do?
parition the unpartition space and install
If you have a exsiting partition, you can delete it to create more unpartitioned space for the W2k partition.
True dat.