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A political move used in the Senate is...
Who established hospitals for African Americans?
Freedmen's Bureau
They were a Southern terrorist group.
Who was the African American member of Congress?
Robert Smalls
The name of the Wade-Davis Bill was?
Reconstruction Plan of Radical Republicans
What allowed for segregation if facilities were equal?
Plessy V. Ferguson (court case)
Who had been vice president of the Confederacy?
Alexander Stephens
Who became President after Lincoln's death?
Andrew Jackson
Where was the site of Lincoln's assissination?
Ford's Theater
Who were the Northerners in Southern governments after the war?
Lincoln's plan of Reconstruction...
allowed Southern states to quickly reenter the Union
In the South whites terrorized African Americans who voted for...
The United States experienced a depression in...
Which constitutional amendment abolished slavery throughout the United States?
Thirteenth Amendment
Radical Republicans wanted to...
punish the Southern states
The election of 1876 was determined by...
an electoral commission
The Civil Rights Act of 1866...
guaranteed African Americans basic rights
Most Southerners considered scalawags to be...
Senator Charles Sumner proposed limiting racial discrimination in..
public places
A college founded by the Freedmen's Bueau was...
Hampton Institute
List three actions Grant took to protect the rights of African Americans.
1. Grant used the Civil Rights Act of 1871 to have members of the KKK arrested.

2. He appointed African Americans as Justices of the Peace.

3. He supported the 15th ammendment.