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Compared with the amount of ice that existed during the last glacial maximum, how much exists today?

1/3 as much

You are working in a field area that you think at one time contained valley glaciers. What evidence would you look for to determine this?

You would look for rounded, U-shaped valleys.

During the last glacial maximum, the position of sea level occurred at what elevation relative to its position today?

At the last glacial maximum, sea level was about 100 meters (~300 feet) lower than it is today.

Which part of a glacier will see the build-up of ice and snow over the course of a full year?

Zone of accumulation

How does a glacier lose ice through sublimation?

Ice changes from solid to gas.

What scenario describes a glacial advance?

More ice and snow accumulates than melts each year.

During a glacial retreat, a glacier will flow _____ while the terminus moves _____.

forward; backward

Which type of glacial movement is circled

basal sliding

Which type of glacial movement will be responsible for the greatest amount of glacial flow?

Internal Flow

Explain why post A has moved farther than posts B and C

Ice in the center of a glacier has the least friction with the surrounding bedrock and can flow faster.

A __________ is defined as a chain of glacial lakes where each lake flows into the next.

pater noster lake

What glacial feature is circled in Figure 1?


(This arête formed between two U-shaped glacial valleys)

What glacial feature is circled in Figure 2?


(Horns are peaks that have been eroded on all sides by glaciers)

What is the best way to describe the shape of a glacial valley?


(U-shaped glacial valleys are very characteristic on an alpine landscape)

Which two regions currently contain the world’s last remaining ice sheets?

Antarctica and Greenland

When was the last time North America had major ice sheets

18,000 years ago

Which landform marks the furthest extent of an advancing glacier?

terminal moraine

What glacial landform is visible in Figure 1?


What feature is responsible for creating eskers?

streams that flowed below, in, or on the glacier

Which orbital effect describes how the shape of Earth’s orbit around the Sun will change over time?

Which orbital effect describes how the shape of Earth’s orbit around the Sun will change over time?

What is the critical latitude for incoming solar radiation, which could affect the formation of ice sheets?

65° N

What effect will an increased angle of tilt have on the Earth’s climate?

warmer summers and colder winters

Which of the following scenarios will have the greatest chance of triggering an ice age?

eccentricity, obliquity, and precession overlapping to provide the least amount of solar radiation

________ are stratified sands and gravels carried away from the glacial terminus by meltwater.


What is a pluvial lake?

A lake that fills due to increased precipitation in a cooler, wetter climate

Which part of a glacier is responsible for abrasion and plucking?

Basal Sliding Zone

________ is the name for glacial deposits that have been lithified into a sedimentary rock.


Which glacial erosion feature will likely contain a waterfall today?

Hanging valley