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Why was President Jefferson surprised when James Monroe returned from France?
Because not only did James Monroe convince France to sell New Orleans to the United States, they also agreed to sell all of the Louisiana Territory.
Describe Washington, D.C. at the time Jefferson became President.
The capital was still little more than a "swamp in the wilderness." Most government buildings, including the White House, were not finished. The street connecting the White House to the Capitol building, were muddy path through the woods.
Who were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark?
Thomas Jefferson sent them into Louisiana to take notes and report back about the plants, landforms, animals and Indians in the area.
Why did Thomas Jefferson send Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore Louisiana?
He sent them so that they could find out and report back about the landforms, plants, animals and Indians in the area.
When was the Louisiana Purchase approved by Congress?
How much per acre did the United States pay for the Louisiana Territory?
four cents an acre
Who was Sacajawea?
The wife of a French-Canadian fur trapper who became Lewis and Clark's guide.
Who did the United States buy the Louisiana Territory from?
Where did Lewis and Clark's great journey begin?
St. Louis, Missouri
What price did the United States pay for the Louisina Territory?
$15 million dollars
What was the Louisiana Purchase?
The United States purchased Louisiana from France for $15 million which doubled the size of the United States.
Why was it helpful to Lewis and Clark to have Sacajawea with them?
Indians whom they met would understand that the explorers were a peaceful group.
Why was Jefferson worried when France regained claim to the Louisiana Territories?
Jefferson feared that France, with its strong army and navy, might close New Orleans to Americans. Western farmers sent their crops down the Mississippi River to be sold in that port.
Who did President Jefferson send to France to make an offer to buy New Orleans?
James Monroe
When the United States acquired the Louisiana Territories from France, the size of the United States was ....
What river did Lewis and Clark begin their journey west?
Missouri River