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Which year was the national debt the highest?
In 1815 the national debt was the highest.
Panic of 1837
a financial crisis in the United States that led to an economic depression
How do you think Jackson used the spoils system, and how do you think this system affected American politics?
He hired the public , and that helped Jackson because more public people would vote for him.
belief that states have the right to disobey federal laws with which they disagree
Why did Jackson's supporters see his election to the presidency as a victory for the common people?
They saw that because Jackson was a common person like them.
Tariff of Abominations
nickname given to a new tariff by southerners who opposed it
Martin Van Buren
became president in 1836
Andrew Jackson
extremely tough and worked in the military, he was president
William Henry Harrison
governor of Indiana Territory, was also a president in 1841
Spoils System
politicians' practice of giving government jobs to their supporters
Nominating Conventions
meeting where a political party selects its presidential and vice presidential canidates; first held in the 1820s
John C. Calhoun
vice presidetn while Andrew Jackson was president
Kitchen Cabinet
President Andrew Jackson's group of informal advisers; so clled because they often met in the White House kitchen