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Rush-Bagot Agreement
agreement that limited naval power on the Great Lakes to the United States and British Canada
Was Monroe's presidency really an Era of Good Feelings? Give three reasons to support your answer.
No, because of the Monroe Doctrine, the Conflict with Canada, and the Conflict with Spain
Adams-Onis Treaty
agreement in which Spain gave up all of Florida to the United States
Simon Bolivar
a revolutionary war fighter nicknamed "the Liberator," led many fights for independence in Central and South America during the 1820's
James Monroe
was elected president in 1816
Monroe Doctrine
President James Monroe's statement forbidding further colonization in the Americas and declaring that any attempt by a foreign nation to colonize would be considered an act of hostility
Why did some European leaders criticize the Monroe Doctrine?
They didn't agree wit what had been said or done, because he didn't live in Eurpoe, and he was telling Europe that they can't colonize a nation that doesn't even belong t the U.S.
Which nations became independent before 1820?
The nations that became independent before 1820 are Hati, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Chile
Convention of 1818
agreement between the United States and Great Britain that settled fishing rights and established new North American borders