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On what does kinetic energy depend?
Speed and mass
Our most important energy resource
The sun
This is a well-defined group of objects that transfer energy between one another.
A closed system
This it the total kinetic energy of the particles that make up an object.
Thermal Energy
What happens to a pendulum's energy as it swings downward?
It's potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.
When you calculate the amount of work done on an object in order to lift it to a given height, what are you calculating?
An object's gravitational potential energy
This is the energy an object has because of position or shape.
Potential energy
This is electrical energy produced from falling water.
This is the result of chemical energy being converted to thermal energy.
This energy depends on weight and height.
Gravitational Potential Energy
This is the total energy of motion and position of an object.
Mechanical energy
This energy is the result of the heating of the Earth's crust.
Geothermal energy
What type(s) of energy is/are converted from the potential energy of a roller coaster as it rolls downhill?
Thermal energy, sound energy, and kinetic energy
What three examples were given of nonrenewable resources that are fossil fuels and super-concentrated forms of the sun's energy?
Coal, natural gas, and petroleum
What energy conversion occurred in the food we eat?
Light energy converted into chemical energy
When you're at the top of your jump on a trampoline, is your potential energy at 0 or is it at a maximum level?
The potential energy would be at a maximum level.
What are the five types of renewable resources mentioned in the text?
Wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, energy from water, and biomass
This is a force that opposes the motion between two surfaces that are touching.
This is energy caused by an object's vibrations.
Sound energy
This is the energy of moving electrons.
Electrical energy
This process involves splitting the nucleus of an uranium atom into two smaller nuclei, which releases nuclear energy
Nuclear fission
These are the conversions that happen when you turn on a light bulb.
Electrical energy is converted into light energy and thermal energy.
This is the ability to do work.
This is organic material that is burned to release energy. Examples include plants, wood, and waste.
This is what work and energy are expressed in.
This is the energy conversion involved with the process of photosynthesis.
Light energy produces new substances with chemical energy.
This is what happens when one object does work on another.
Energy is transferred between the two objects.
This is the type of energy that some energy is always converted into in every energy conversion.
Thermal energy
This is the form of energy used to cook food in a microwave.
Light energy
This is where a roller coaster has its greatest potential energy.
At the top of the first hill
This law states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
Law of conservation of energy
This energy is produced by the vibrations of electrically charged particles.
Light energy
This energy is usually "stored" in an object.
Potential energy
This is the energy conversion that is involved with the use of a microphone.
Electrical energy is converted into sound energy.