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1817 Agreement that limited naval power on the Great Lakes to the US and Canada only.
Rush-Bagot Agreement
Agreement between the US and Britain that settled fishing rights and established new North American borders.
Convention of 1818
Agreement in which Spain gave up all of Florida to the US in 1819?
Adams-Otis Treaty
President's statement in 1823 forbidding further colonization in the America's and declaring that any attempt by a foreign nation to coloize would be considered an act of hostility?
Monroe Doctrine
Belief that states have the right to disobey federal laws with which they disagree?
1820 Agreement proposed by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state, and outlawed slavery in the northern states.
Missouri Compromise
Plan delveloped by Henry Clay for raising tariffs to pay for internal inprovements such as better roads and canals?
American System
First federal road project, construction of which began in 1815; from Maryland to West Virgina?
Cumberland Road
Canal that ran from Albany to Buffalo, NY?
Erie Canal
Meeting where a politcial party selects its presidential and vice presidential candidtaes; 1820?
nominating convention
Political party founded by supporters of Andrew Jackson in 1828?
Democratic Party
Politician's practice of giving government jobs to their supporters?
spoils system
President Jackson's group of advisors; so called becasue they met in the White House kitchen?
kitchen cabinet
Nickname given to a new tariff by southerners who opposed it.
Tariff of Abominations
Belief that the power of the state government should be greater than that of the federal government?
states' rights