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How does Application level of TCP/IP model map to the ISO/OSI model?

Application level of the TCP/IP models the Applications,Presentation, and Session layers from the OSI model.

Primary difference between FileTransferProtocol(FTP) and TrivialFileTransferProtocol(TFTP) is what?

User authentication: The username and password that authenticates the users in FTP.

Which of the mail protocoles is used most often for sending mail b/ mail servers?

SimpleMailTransferProtocol (SMTP)

Which mail protocol used for receiving mail?

PostOfficeProtocolVersion3 (POP3) is designed for intermittent connectivity or InternetMessageAccessProtocolvs4 (IMAP4) which is used more often, keeping all mail on central server.

Using conventional browser to surf web, what protocol are you using?

HypertextTransferProtocol (HTTP), used to communicate b/ a browser and a web server.

If purchasing goods online what protocol are you likely using?

HypertextTransferProtocolSecure (HTTPS), secure side which data is encrypted sing TLS/SSL. (TransportLayerSecurity/SecureSocketsLayer)

Who created SecureSocketsLayer? (SSL)


Name common Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), create phone and cancelling calls.

Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP), digitizes voice and sends to other side.

Which protocol sends voice across network?

Real-Time Transport Protocol

Difference b/ a routable and non routable protocol?

Routable is a communications protocol using both a network address and a device address, a non rout protocol only uses device address

Hardware device used to connect seperate routable networks?


In TCP/IP what physical device is called the default gateway?


What is DNS

Domain Name system is a service that maps domain names to IP addresses

Describe DNS process

A computer quests access to a domain nae through a switch to contact the local Name server. If the name server has a record for the requested domain name in its tables it will transmit the info back to the computer with the right IP address to get the domain through the switch. If not it will query other DNS servers for the right record and well send back to computer.

What is DHCP

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and essentially assigns IP address to computers.

Describe DHCP process

DHCPDISCOVER - client requests and IP address from DHCP server when connected to network

DHCPOFFER - DHCP server responds with an offer of an IP address

DHCPREQUEST - Client requests to accept the offer

DHCPACK - DHCP server responds acknowledgement

What is the TIA/EIA 568?

A telecommunications cablings standard for commercial buildings.

Function of a patch panel?

Panel of network ports that connects cabling in a LAN.

Connects different devices together without use of crossover cables such as MDI to MDI or MDIX to MDIX


Standard of industry speeds for up to 1Gbps


Supports up to 10Gbps speeds for data transfer

Plenum Cable

5x more expensive b/c its used to run cable inside of ventilation ducts or ceilings that act as ventilations. It has a coating that makes it non toxic if it burns. Cat5 or Cat6 are toxic when burned.

For signaling, what technology does fiber optics employ?

Fiber optics utilizes the visible spectrum, transmission by light.

Is fiber optic cable easy to tap?

No, because it has no RadioFrequency signal.

Describe situation you would employ multimode fiber optic cable

Short range communication for in the inside of a building or a building that is right next to each other.

Whats a conventional light source for multimode fiber optic cable?

Lights like LEDs can be used as a light source for multimode fiber optics.

Describe place to employ single mode fiber optic cabling

Generally used for long range communication, up to 100 km without processing.

Conventional light source for a singlemode fiber optic cabling?

Singlemode fiber uses an expensive light source, laser beams

What type of cable dot he terms 10base5, "Thicknet", RG-8, 10base2, and RG-58 describe?

These calbes were used in older ethernet networks, coaxial cabling has been used for years and years in the past.

What type of cabling uses conductor pairs that are twisted?

The twisted pair copper cabling uses conductor pairs that are twisted.

What differentiates UTP from STP?

Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) has additional shielding that protects against interference. It requires the use of can electrical ground. An Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) has no attritional shielding. it is the most common twisted pair cabling.

Most common form of Ethernet cabling for Local Area Networks?

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) is the most common form of cabling for Local Area Networks

What is EIA

Electronic Industries Alliance: alliance of trade associations that develops the cabling standards for the industry. Their standards start with: RS# or EIA#

What is TIA

Telecommunications Industry Association, they handle the telecommunications aspect. Standards, market analysis, trade shows, government affairs. Their standards start with: ANSI, TIA, or EIA568

For what category is 3 cable used?

The first standardized categories, it was used to support older category systems 10Mbit/s Ethernet and 4Mbit/s Token Ring.

Compare Cat5 and Cat5e Cable

Cat5e is updated Cat5 and supports 1 Gbit/s Ethernet. Cat 5 supports 100 Mbit/s Ethernet

In what situation would you want to employ Cat6 cable?

In a building that has high data traffic such as a data center.

What is an Ethernet straight through cable? When would you use it?

An Ethernet straight through cable is a patch cable that is usually used to connect laptops and desktops directly to a jack or to an Ethernet device. You would use a straight through cable when connecting devices.

What is an Ethernet crossover cable? When would you use one?

A crossover cable allows for two of the same interfaces to connect together without interruption. You would use one when you connect MDI to MDI which refer to workstation to workstation, or when you connect MDIX device to another MDIX device which is network switch to network switch.

If you were going to connect two CSU/DSU to each other, what type of cable would you use?

I would use a crossover cable to conect two CSU/DSU devices.

Disadvantage of using regular TWP cable in a ceiling plenum?

Regular TWP cable can give off toxic fumes when ignited. Must be cautious.

Why do you always need to provide power to the device when you convert from fiber to coppy?

Power is required to operate the medial converter that converts electrical signals in the copper wire to the light waves in the fiber.

Can a network signal from almost any time of media be converted to any other type of media?

Yes. Almost any type of media can be converted to any other type of media as long as you have the right devices in use.

What type of cable is used in a 10base5 Network?


How far can you run on a single run of 10baseT?

328 ft (100m)

100BASE-T4 (four pairs of telephone twisted pair wire)

100BASE-TX (two pairs of data grade twisted-pair wire)

How far can you run on a single run of 100baseTx?

328 ft (100m)

Base T info

100BASE-T4 (four pairs of telephone twisted pair wire)

100BASE-TX (two pairs of data grade twisted-pair wire)

100BASE-FX (a two-strand optical fiber cable)

This designation is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers shorthand identifier. The "100" in the media type designation refers to the transmission speed of 100 Mbps. The "BASE" refers to baseband signalling, which means that only Ethernet signals are carried on the medium.

The "T4," "TX," and "FX" refer to the physical medium that carries the signal. (Through repeaters, media segments of different physical types can be used in the same system.)

The TX and FX types together are sometimes referred to as "100BASE-X." (The designation for "100BASE-T" is also sometimes seen as "100BaseT.")