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How many phases does a tooth incounter?
Used to describe the tooth as it is breaking through the gingival tissue?
Dental development usually begins when?
5th or 6th week of prenatal life
By the 7th wk, skin cells of the mouth called epithelium thicken along the ridge of the developing jaws creating a horse-shoe shaped band called?
Dental Lamina
The growth period of development is divided into what stages?
bud, cap, and bell
What happens during the bud stage?
From the dental lamina, patches of epithelial cells grow into the underlying tissues
How many tooth buds are present in each dental arch and they give rise to future primary teeth?
Tooth buds for the premanent teeth form when?
between 17th wk of fetal life through the age of 5yrs.
This stage is also called proliferation stage?
Cap stage
During the Cap stage, epithelium of the cap will give rise to what?
The zone under the cap is called?
dental papilla
The dental papilla give rise to the ?
dentin, cementum, pulp
The last period of growth is also known as?
bell stage, or histodifferentiation
Meaning of histodifferentiation?
acquisit on of tissue charactertics by cell group
What happens during the Bell stage?
ameloblast cells form the enamel, odonblast cells form the dentin, and cementoblast cells form the cementum
Ameloblast cells form what of the tooth?
Odontoblast cells form what part of the tooth?
Cementoblast form what of the tooth?
As the tooth is in the bell stage, it begins to take shape and form through process called?
Enamel forming cells and dnetin forming cells line up to form?
Dentinoenamel juncition
What refers to the depositing of the matrix for the hard dental structures?
What is deposited by cells along the boundary line at the end of morphodifferentiation?
Process by which organic tissue becomes hardened by a deposit of calcium or any mineral salts?
For eruption of permanent teeth, it takes how long for tooth growth to end?
3years from crown completion to the time the tooth emerges into mouth.
What does it mean with teeth exfoliate?
primary teeth get ready to fall out and make way for the eruption of permanent teeth (shedding)
A tooth is divided into two parts?
crown and one or more roots
Crown is divided into what parts?
anatomic and clinical crown
Anatomical crown is which portion of the tooth?
portion of tooth encased in enamel
Enamel completely exposed above the gingiva and to have root surface showing is called?
Gingival recession
Term applied to the part of the crown exposed in the mouth?
Clinical crown