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three things we learn from cellular autamata
1. convergence; like locomotion
2. divergence, butterfly effect
3. vast majority of patterns go extinct
Challanges to reductionism
round robin tournaments of fish, non reductionist approach
Francis Galton
Wisdom of the crowd
one example of fractal gene mutation
Kollmanns syndrome: midline symmetry affected, suggests fractal genes
name three examples of wisdom of the crowd
1. ants moving dead thing
2. bees to honey
3. humans at cow weighing contest
three requirements for wisdom of the crowd to work
1. crowd must know something, britney vs. string theory
2. no systematic biases
3. one large force vs. lots of small forces; stock market companys changing outcomes by changing predictions
three requirements for swarm intelligence
1. lots of simple component parts
2. local communication
3. repeated iterations