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In "Methode Champenoise" what is the other term for the 2nd pressing?

Taille [Tai-ya]

What recent 5 years were excellent vintage years in Champagne?

95, 96, 02, 04, 06

What is the soil of champagne?

Fine chalk

What is riddling? How long is the process?

Process when each bottle is set on an A-frame rack, necks down. Each bottle is slightly turned and gradually tipped further downwards. After 6-8 weeks the bottle stands almost completely upside down, with the sediment testing in the neck.

What are the blending percentage specifications for non-vintage/multi vintage champagnes?

- Blend of 2 or more harvests, 60%-80% base wine from current harvest

- 20%-40% wine from previous vintages

List from least to greatest, the 9 Champagne bottle size names and their per bottle holds. (Not including average 750ml)

Magnum 2 btls

Jeroboam 4 btls

Rehoboam 6 btls

Methuselah 8 btls

Salmanazar 12 btls

Balthazar 16 btls

Nebuchadnezzar 20 btls

Solomon 24 btls

Primat 36 btls

When making Champagne using "Methode Champenoise", how many pressings are permitted?


When does Champagne harvest take place?

Late September, early October

In "Methode Champenoise", after blending, what does the winemaker do next?

Adds "Liqueur de Tirage"

What 3 important decisions does the winemaker have to make when choosing their blend for Methode Champenoise?

1. Which and how much of each grape to blend?

2. Which vineyards should the grapes come from?

3. Which years or vintages should be blended?

What is the most important step in Champagne production?

Blending of still wines

In "Methode Champenoise" what is the most important step in creating a high quality wine?

Aging on the lees

When "Methode Champenoise" is used outside Champagne, what are 3 ways it can be referred to as?

1. Methode Traditionnelle

2. Classic Method

3. Metodo Tradicional

In "Methode Champenoise" what does the 1st fermentation produce?

Still wine

In "Methode Champenoise" how long does the 1st fermentation take?

2-3 weeks

What happens to the wine in "Methode Champenoise" during 2nd fermentation?

Carbon dioxide is produced and natural sediments are left in the bottle