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Neolithic Age
The New Stone Age

The people settled down

They respected the dead

They created the first calander

Domesticated animals
What is another name for this age?

What made these people different from the Paleolithic people?

What did they respect?

What were they the first to create?

What did they respect?
Paleolithic Age
The Ice Age
Old Stone Age

They were nomads

Believed in life after death

Fought alot because they needed land to live on and they needed food

Painted on cave walls
What are two other names for this age?

What are the dates?

What kind of people were the Paleolithic people?

Why did they fight?

What did they believe in?
What is a glacier?
A sheet of ice
What is a nomad?
A person/group of people that move place to place following animals and ripening fruit
What is geography?
The study of people, their environments, and resources availble to them
the study of what 3 things?
What is a historian?
someonewho studies how people have lived in the past
What is technology?
The skills and tools that people use to meet their basic needs
What is an artifact?
objects made by people
What is archaeology?
the study of ways of life of people by looking at their remains
What is prehistory?
the period of time before people invented the writing system
what is hierarchy?
a system of ranks
what is cuniform
in 3200bc

the sumerians invented the earliest form of writing

wedge shaped
what does it look like?

Who came up with it?

At what time did they come up with it?
what is the tale of sinuhe?
Sinuhe was a egyptian offical forced to flee Syria

this story shows how egyptians viewed themselves and the people of the surrounding desert
Who was Sinuhe?

What des this story show?
what is the rosetta stone?
a flat black stone that had writting in 3 lingos: heiroglyphics, demotics, and greek
what is special about this stone?
who is akhenaton?
1380 BC

he didnt like people to believe in Amon-Re so he had people worship Aton, his symbol is the sundisk

Why is he so important?
who is jean champollion
a french scholar that decifered the rossetta stone
who is tutankhamen
a 18 year old minor king
who is howard carter
1922 he unearthed king tuts tomb
who is Amon-Re
the sun god

only pharaohs could conduct ceremonies to the sun god
who is isis
the goddess of eternal life

symbol= an ankh, a holy cross with a loop at the top
what is she?

what is her symbol
what is papyrus?
a plant that grows along the banks of the nile, they wrote with reed pens and ink on the papyrus strips
where does it grow?

what was it used for?
what does demotic mean
its a simpler form of writing for everyday use
what is heiroglyphics
picture writing used to keep important records
what is the preservation of the dead
who is ptah-hotep?

what did he write?
a wise vizer that wrote Instructions of the Vizer Ptah-hotep for young ppl because of his experiance in government, saw too many errors with young officals
what is a triangular area of marshland formed by silf deposits at the mouth of some rivers
a delta
what is the spread of ideas, customs, and technologies from one person to another?
cultural diffusion

just think, cultural diffusion=t-i-c,


who won fame for military victories?

he pushed his rule through palestine to as far as Syria
Ramses II
he barely won the battle of the Hitties of Asia Minor but said it was a big defeat
what does polytheistic mean?
belief one god
what is a pictogram?
a simple drawing to represent words
what is Giza?
pyramids near present day cairo that suggest the strengh of the egyptian civilization
what do they suggest
what is silt
what is a pharaoh
an egyptian ruler
what is a steppe
sparse, dry grassland
what is punt?
Hatshepsuts greatest triumph was when she sent ppl to punt and returned with many valuable goods
what are people called if they were specially trained and reading and writing
what is a political unit that included a city and its surrounding lands and villages called?
a city state
who was the king that in 3100 united lower and upper egypt?

what was he the king of
menes, the king of upper egypt
what is a dynasty?
power that has passed from generation to generation in a ruling family
whats being passed down?
what was skara brae
a neolithic village

mastered the basic technology of weaving cloth


respected the dead
what did they master

what did they respect

what kinda people were they
who is hatshepsut?

her husband died and her son was too young to take the throne so she took it. she became the only female pharaoh

ruled from 1503-1482bc
what is a artisan
a skilled craftworker
what is a cataract?
a waterfall
what is a vizer?
a chief minister
what is a system of managing government through departments run by appointed officals called?
a bureaucracy
what is a empire?
a group of states or territories controlled by one ruler
what is a ziggurate?
pyramid temples that soard towards the heavens

they had big steps
who is sargon?

what did he do

the ruler of Akkad, he in 2300bc invaded and conquored the city states of Sumer
who was the king of babylon?
what did hammurabi unite
he united the babylonian empire by publishing a set of laws
what is the code of hammurabi?
a set of laws PUBLISHED by hammurabi, he did NOT write them.
why did hammurabli publish laws?
he wanted people to know the legal principles his government would follow
where were hammurabi's codes put?
he had the 300 laws carved on stone pillars
what was the first major collection of laws in hisory? and what did they list?
the first major collection of laws in hisory was the codes of hammurabi. they listed criminal and civil laws
what is civil laws
deals with private matters and rights
what were hammurabi's accomplishments?
improved irrigation

organized a well-trained army

had temples repaired

promoted the chief babylong god marduk
who is Marduk
the chief babylonian god
when did the hitties move from asia minor to mesopotamia?
why were the hitties able to arm more people at less expense?
they learned how to extract iron out of ore, so they used iron which was plentyful for them
when did the hitties empire collapse?
1200 bc
who were the savage warriors
the assyrains
who were the first rulers to develop extensive laws regulating life within the royal house
the assyrians
who founded one of the first libraries?
King Assurbanipal
who in 612BC revived the power of babylon once King Assurbanipal was dead?
King Nebuchadnezzar
who made the first ziggurates and why
King Nebuchadnezzer made ziggurates for his wife who was homesick
under whos rule did the babylonian people advance greatly in astonomy?
king nebuchadnezzer
who did in 539BC babylon fall to?
the persians
who lead the persian armies?
Cyrus the Great
who was the perian emperor who ruled from 522-486BC
who divided the persian empire into provinces, each headed by a governer?
what is a satrap?
provinces each headed by a governer
who is osiris
a god

god of the dead and judge of the souls in seeking admissions to the afterlife
what is he?
who introduced the coinage system
the lyndians
what is barter economy?
exchanging one set of goods or services for another
what replaced the barter economy
the money economy
who is zoroaster?
helped unite persian empire

he taught that the single god Ahura Mazda ruled the world
what is the Zend-Avesta
a collection of zoroaster's teachings

it taught that the god Ahura Mazda would triumph over the forces of evil. on that day all the ppl would be judged and either go to paradise OR be condemed to eternal suffering
what were the phoenicians known for
what is a colony
a territory settled and ruled by people from a distant land
who created the alphabet
the pheonicians
who added vowels to the 22 concenent alphabet?
the greeks
what is the torah
the first 5 books of the bible
what is Ur
a mesopotamian city
who is moses
he led the hebrews in their excape from egypt
what is another word for excape?
who is david
he united the hebrew tribes into a single nation
who is solomon
davids son, turned Jersalm into an impressive capital

he won praise for his wisdom and understanding
why did in c.930 isreal split into the north and Judha in the south?
because solomons building projects required heavy taxed and forced labor, the people revolted
when did the hebrews be known as the jewish
when king nebuchadnezzar put them all in captivity in babylon
is judism mono or polytheistic?
what is monotheistic?
belief in one god
what is a covenant and what did this result in
a binding agreement with abraham

this resulted in jews concidering themselves to be gods chosen people
what did jews call Canaan
the promised land
the ten cinnabdnebts are laws that jews believed god game them through who?
what did hammurabi's codes require
an eye for a eye and a life for a life
what did the hebrews laws require
an eye for an eye
who is deborah
a woman leader that won honor and respect
what is a prophet
a spiritual leader
moral standards of behavior
what is diaspora
the scattering of people
what is a subcontinent?
a large landmass that juts out from a continent
tru or false

there are three subcontinents in the world, mexico, india, and italy
if false, correct it
false, india is the only subcontinent
what are the 3 major zones of india's geography
1. well-watered northern plain
2. dry, trangular deccan plateau
3. the coastal plains; the ghats
talk about the summer and winter monsoon, what are they like
the winter monsoons come from the north east...they bring dry air

the summer monsoons come from the south west and bring heavy rain
what is a monsoon
a seasonal wind
how did the monsoons shape indian life
the ppl became very negitive about life

famine and starvation occured

what were the 2 main cities of the indus valley civilization
harappa and mohenjo-daro
what does mohenjo-daro mean
mound of dead
what is the most striking feature of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro?
the well planned cities
were the people of the indus valley poly or monotheistic?
what animal do the indians believe is sacred
the cow
why did the indus vally civilization valley decline and disappear?

who took over?
volcanic eruption blockeed the indus, therefore flooding the city


a earthquake hit

the aryans took over