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Use a _________topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for a CBC test


Use a _______topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for electrolytes testing.


Use a _________topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for cholesterol testing.


Sodium citrate is an antiquagulant of choice for coagulation studies because it protects ___________.

Clotting factors

When preparing a blood smear directly from skin puncture, it is best to ___________.

Wipe away the first drop of blood.

The order of draw recommend by the NCCLS (2004) is ???

1.blood culture

2.coagulation tube

3.serum tubes (red) w/or w/o clot activator or gel.

4.heparin tube w/ or w/o gel plasma (green)

5.EDTA (lavender)

6.glycolytic inhibitor (gray)

The purpose of doing blood cultures is to detect _______.


Anticoagulants are used to _______.

Prevent blood from clotting.

White blood cells help the body by _______.

Defending against foreign invadors.

Platelets help the circulation by_________.

Participating in hemostasis

When blood seeps into the surrounding tissue during a venipuncture, a ________ may form.


In a patient with a clotting disorder, pressure should be applied to the puncture site for at least ________ after venipuncture to insure blood stoppage.

5 minutes