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unlike dna rna contains...
why is it possible for an amino acid to be specified by more than one kind of codon?
there are 63 different kinds od codons but only 20 amino acids
a promotor is...
the binding site for rna polymerase
genes contain instructions for assembling...
what type of rna functions as a blueprint of the genetic code?
a missense mutation is...
a type of point mutation that changes the amino acid sequence
rna contains the sugar...
what is produced during transcription?
rna molecules
which of the following terms is least closely related to the others?
- polypeptide
- trna
- anti codon
- intron
a mutation that involves a single nucleotide is called a...
point mutation
which of the following is found in both dna and rna?
- ribose, phosphate groups, adenine
- phosphate groups, guanine and thymine
- deoxyribose, phosphate groups, guanine
- phosphate groups, gaunine and cytosine
phosphate groups, guanine and cytosine
elongation refers to the growth of the ______ during translation?
polypeptide chain
if a nucleic acid conatins uracil, it is...
t/f a codon consists of 3 nucleotides?
t/f AUG is the sequence in the promotor region to which rna polymerase binds...
the order of nitrogenous bases in dna determines the order of __________ in proteins
amino acids
suppose that part of an amino acid sequence of a protein changed from tyrosine-proline-glycine-alanine to tyrosine-histidine-glycine-alanine. this change was most likely caused by a point mutation called a...
missense mutation
the ______ of a trna molecule determines the type of amino acid that bonds with the trna
anti codon
________ (type of rna) is used to assemble ribosomes in the ______ (location) of the cell
rRNA; nucleolus
the new strand of nucleotides created from DNA replication is often called...
the daughter strand
what is the function of the enzyme DNA ligase?
join the okazaki fragments
during DNA replication a DNA strand that has the bases CTAGGT produces a strand with the bases...
the sugar phosphate back bone is created by...
the phosphate group of one nucleotide attaching to the sugar of another nucleotide
the agarose gel in the electrophoreses process acts as...
a matrix (or series of webs) to separate molecules based on size
DNA in prokaryotes is...
circular and called a plasmid
which step of dna replicatin listed below comes first?
- add a segment of mucleic acids (called a primer) to the parent strand of dna
- unzip the 2 parent dna stands
- synthesize a new daughter strand of DNA
- join the okazaki fragments
unzip the 2 parents strands of dna
avery experiments showed that bacteria are transformed by...
- carbs
- lipids
- proteins
- none
the ermn used to describe one starnd of nucleotides running opposite of the other starnd of nucleotides in the double helix is...
dna is copied durinf a process called...
in argarose gel electrophoresis, dna...
moves towards the positive end of the gel
in eukaryotes, dna
is located in the nucleus
dna replication results in 2 dna molecules...
each with one new starnd and one priginal strand
what is the function of the enzynme helicase?
unzip the 2 parent dna strands
humans have ____ chromosomes
which of the following include all the others?
- dna molecules, -histones
- nucleosomesq
the term deoxyribose refers to...
a 5 carbon sugar
dna is wrapped tightly around_____
the replication of a dna double helix results in ____ new molecules of dna
the nitrogenous bases in dna are connected by _____
hydrogen bonds
the part of the nucleotide that givies it its identity is the _____
nitrogenous base
the watson and crick molecule of dna is a ____
double helix
in eukaryotes, dna is found in the ___of the cell
agarose gel electrophoresis separates molecules based on ___ and ___
size and charge
adenine and guanine fall under the nitrogenous base type called _____
dna stands for...
deoxyribose nucleic acid