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When a company promotes its position on a public issue, this is specifically referred to as ______ advertising.
Soft drink companies advertise that their products beat the competition in national “taste tests,” and they refer to the rival brands by name. This type of advertising is best described as
Advertising that lets consumers know that an established brand still offers certain uses, characteristics, and advantages is _____ advertising.
The target audience for an advertising campaign is the
people toward whom the advertisements are directed.
The basic issues or selling points that an advertiser wants to include in an advertising campaign is (are) the
advertising platform.
A list of the exact magazines, newspapers, and television stations in which an advertisement will appear, along with the dates and times, is a(n)
media plan.
The percentage of consumers in the target audience actually exposed to a particular advertisement in a stated period of time is the definition of
The maker of Huggies diapers is developing a media plan that involves trying to expose its target audience to its new advertisement about ten times. This is advertising
The cost per thousand (CPM) indicator shows
the cost to expose 1,000 people to a one-page magazine advertisement.
The three general types of media schedules are
pulsing, continuous, and flighting.
The verbal portion of an advertisement, including headlines, body, and signature, is called the
An ad's ___________ is designed to attract readers' attention and develop interest so that they will read the entire advertisement.
Chelsea Collins walks her client, Kaptain Korn president Steve Gonski, through her agency's proposed television campaign for the product's introduction. In doing so, she moves from square to square on the