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Instructional Objectives
displaying what was learned in a lesson
two types: behavioral: "identify"
cognitive: "understand"
Bloom's Taxonomy
knowledge: remembering or recognizing
comprehension: understanding
application: using material in new situations
analysis: breaking down into parts, categories
synthesis: creating something
evaluation: judging
Direct Instruction
one on one explicit/active teaching
if the student doesn't understand; reteach until they do
teacher directed
goals are clear to students
content coverage is extensive
student performance is monitored by teachers
feedback is imediate and academically oriented
interaction is structured
Rosenshine's 6 Teaching Functions
review and check previous day's work
present new material
provide guided practice
give feedback and correctives
provide independent practice
review weekly and monthly to consolidate learning
Group Discussion
useful when students have a base of knowledge about the subject at hand and then express themselves and challenge ideas of others
Computer based instruction
for students who require small steps and many repetitions to learn a new concept, repeat steps and lessons as many times as necessary
self-fulfilling prophecy
the teacher's beliefs about the student's abilities have no basis in fact, but the student behavior comes to match the initially inaccurate expectation.
Criticisms of Direct Instruction
limited to lower level objectives
discourages student's independent thinking
uses a "transmission" model of learning