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What are the standards for wearing a mask?
New mask for each patient, replace the mask if it becomes moist or wet, & never let the mas dangle around the neck or from the ear
Why do we wear masks?
Protect our mucus membranes. (Not for preventing bad breath or smelling bad breath.)

*Tip-use Vicks Vapor Rub if someone has really bad breath.
You've finished up with a patient, what are the standards for your gloves.
Don't rewash or reuse gloves, don't sterilize and reuse, throw away after ever patient.
When working with the doctor chairside, what is the choice of glove?
Latex-unless there is a latex allergy, then use latex free gloves.
Utility gloves are used for?
Over gloves are used when?
Charts over latex after working with patient
Surgical gloves are used when?
What is the best way to prevent the spread of micro organisms (germs)?
Washing hands with antibacterial soap.
What regulatory body enforces the law to protects employees from infectious disease?
What is universal precautions?
Treat everyone as if they are infectious
What is PPE and examples?
Personal Protective Equipment, wear them while working with patient or during surgery, but not while seating them.
What is Sodium Hypercloride and is it non-irritating to eyes or skin?
Bleach Water & yes, irritating.
Does Sodium Hypercloride have a stable shelf life or does it need mixed daily?
Mixed daily
What type of sterilization does an autoclave use?
Steam under pressure
If the autoclave is making a hissing noise, what might be the issue?

A. Wrong solution in chamber
B. Wrong timing selection
C Door not sealed properly
D. Gasket needs replaced
C or D, Door isn't sealed or gasket needs replaced.
How do you ensure that sterilization has been acheived?
Biological Indicators (colors change on bags)
In the operatory room, the doctor is using the high speed hand piece, what is the best way to prevent the spray and debris from going into the air?
How long do we need to flush water from the lines between patients?
20 seconds
If an assistant has not had an Hepatitis B Vaccine, who is responsible for providing information, availability, and paying for it?
The employer
What is the only sterilization method that the plastic impression trays never go into?

A. Liquid chemical
B. Chemical vapor
C. Etholene oxide
D. Dry Heat
D. Dry Heat
What color of eye wear is going to protect you during the curing the materials?
What protective clothing is regulated by OSHA?

A. Scrubs
B. Lab coats
C. Gowns
D. Everything
D. Everything
Which is NOT the proper way to replace the cap back on the needle?

A. Use needle guard
B. Use 2 handed method
C. 1 handed scoop method
B. Never use the 2 handed method.
Sterilization indicators are used to ensure what error does not occur?
So the bags are not over filled or the sterilizer isn't over packed.
If an employer has 8 employees and one of the employees stabs themselves with a needle, are they required to fill out the OSHA forms?
No, 12 or more employees then they have to complete the OSHA forms.
If you stab yourself and need tested, who is responsible for paying for this?

A. You
B. Patient
C. Employer
C. Employer-They are still responsible, but if there are less than 8 employees they are not required to fill out OSHA forms.
Work practice controls include what?

A. Washing hands
B. Not recapping needles
C. Not storing food by OPIM's
D. All the above
D. All of the above.
What does OPIM stand for?
Other Potentially Infectious Materials
A Sharps Injury Log must contain, which of the following?

A. Type and brand device used
B. Location of accident
C. Description of accident
D. All the above.
D. All of the above.