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The Whig Part was made up of former Federalists and former Republicans who...
Adcovated national support for economic development
Which of the following was not one of the forces of division within the Republican party in the early 1820s?
Democrats = state's rights
Whigs = national support for economic development
What are the democratization of American politics in the Age of Jackson? (4)
-Voters do not have to have property
-Written ballots
-Appointed offices became elective
-Electoral college from legislature to voters
What happened to the American political system during the antebellum period?
-Split in to two parties: Democrat & Nat. Republicans
-Suffrage Politics
Reformers of the antebellum period ___________.
Martin Van Buren’s political machine in New York was known as __________.
Albany Regency
What did the presidential election of 1828 demonstrate?
Mudslinging and a new party system (Adams = Republican, Jackson = Democrat)
Removing officeholders of the rival political party and replacing them with members of your own party is called the ____________.
Spoil System
Why did President Jackson veto the Maysville Road Bill?
He believed the Constituion did not allow Congress to appropriate money for sectional things, only national.
Which section of the country tended to oppose tariffs?
The South
The theory that the Union is a compact among the states and that a state has the right to override a federal law is known as _________.
The South Carolina Exposition and Protest was drawn up in opposition to the __________.
1828 tariff and States had nullification rights
The Force Bill authorized President Jackson to _____________.
Use arms in S. Carolina to collect custom duties
The tariff controversy of the early 1830s showed that _____________.
Big difference between North and Suuth - Sectional conflicts, economic differences
What were the 4 reasons why Andrew Jackson vetoed the rechartering of the Bank of the United States?
-Monopoly that drained the West
-Immune from State taxation
-Power in hands of few
-Poor poorer, potent more powerful
The term “pet banks” was applied to ___________.
State banks that held federal revenue, favored Democrats
What did President Jackson do in his “war” on the Bank of the United States?
Putting money from the U.S. Bank into state banks
The difference between “hard money” and “soft money” is ____________.
Soft money = paper
Hard money = specie
Which party was Jackson a part of and where was he from?
Democratic from Tennesse
Who was the main opposition to Andrew Jackson during his second term in office?
The Whigs
What are the groups that would not have supported the Whig party during the Jacksonian era?
-Anti-reformers (against big government)
-Those for liquor
What contributed to the depression of 1837?
-Jacksons state banks
-Britain stopped flow of specie
In the late 1830s and early 1840s, what group believed that the end of the world was imminent?
Which political party had become the anti-bank, hard-money party by 1840?
What was the purpose of the Independent Treasury advocated by President Van Buren?
Hold government revenues and keep them away from corporations
Why did Vice President Martin Van Buren lose the presidential election of 1840? (3)
-Economic Depression
-Not a war hero
-Campaign style was quiet
What was the main cause of the great increase in the popular vote between the 1836 and 1840 presidential elections?
Sharp contrast between the two parties with distinct platforms (two party system)
The period of revivalism that swept the nation in the early years of the nineteenth century is known as the _________.
Second Great Awakening
Which sect believed that Jesus was not divine but merely an exemplary human being?
The Idiots, AKA Anti-Christs...

**Why can Mormonism be described as “pushing against the currents of American religion and society”? (3)
-Joseph Smith a Prophet
-Undermined the Bible, and therefore the Constitution
What is one of the noteworthy tenets of the Shakers?
Known for fine wood-making and farm tools
What were the main reform movements of the Age of Jackson? (6)
-abolition of slavery
-women's rights
-better treatment of criminals and insane
-public education
-utopian societies
Why did temperance reformers make one of their main targets the moderate drinkers among the laboring classes?
Factories demanded a more sober work-place
The goals of the school reform movement in the Age of Jackson included __________. (5)
-State, not parent, funded
-Compelling attendance
-Longer time in school
-Standardized textbooks
-Classifying students by age and attainment
**Who was the most famous and controversial white abolitionist?
William Lloyd Garrison
What did most white abolitionists want?
-Legal, but not civil or social, racial equality
-Liked light-skinned blacks
-Hesitant to allow blacks into abolitionist groups
The “gag rule” was repealed in 1845 largely because of the efforts of ___________.
John Quincy Adams
The Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments called for ___________.
Womens right to vote
What was one of the major reasons for the changing attitude toward poverty, crime, and insanity in the early nineteenth century?
Failure of parental discipline, NOT the will of God or human nature
All of the following were founded as utopian communities except __________.
-Owen "New Harmony"
-Brook Farm
-Oneida community
Most founders of utopian communities believed that _________.
-Human nature can be perfected by environment
-Alternatives to competitive economic
What conclusions can you draw from a comparison of Oneida with other utopian communities of the antebellum era?
-Seen as radical
-Had financial success
-Longer lasting than other groups
What were the features of the Oneida community?
-Sex among everyone
-John Humphrey Noyes
-Noyes sets up partners
-Financial success