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Developmental Pathway
A concept to describe the sequence and timing of particular behaviors, & to highlight the known & suspected relationships of behaviors over time
Similar outcomes may stem from different early experiences
Different or various outcomes may stem from similar early experiences
Externalizing Problems
Encompass more acting out behaviors like aggression or delinquent behaviors
Internalizing Problems
Encompass more withdrawn behavior, anxiety, depression, negative self-talk etc.
Protective Factors
A variable that precedes a negative outcome and decreases the chances that the outcome will occur
Psychological Disorder
A pattern of behavioral, cognitive, or physical symptoms that includes one or more of:
-Distress, -Disability, -An increased risk of future suffering
Resilience Factor
The ability to avoid negative outcomes despite being at risk for psychopathology
Risk Factor
A variable that precedes a negative outcome and increases the chances that the outcome will occur
Ability to adapt in the environment and achieve normal developmental milestones
Risk Factor Types
Violence, Disasters, Divorce, Poverty, Homelessness, Parental Inadequacies, parental Psychopathology