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ATP is the link between which two metabolic pathways?

Catabolic and anabolic pathways.

What is the structural difference between ATP and ADP?

ATP has three phosphate groups attached to the adenosine whereas ADP has two.

Is the synthesis of amino acids into protein catabolic or anabolic?


The enzyme controlled process by which a phosphate group is added to a molecule is called..?


What is the first stage of respiration?


The first stage of respiration can be split into to phases. What are these?

The energy investment phase and the energy payoff phase

E..... I.......... P....

E.... P..... P....

What is the net gain of ATP in the first stage of respiration?


If oxygen is present, what is the next stage of respiration?

Citric acid cycle

Pyruvate is broken down into carbon dioxide and an ....?

Acetyl group

A..... .....

What is the full net gain of respiration when oxygen is present?

38 ATP