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The smaller components of a cell are called what?

A. Eukaryotic

B. Organelles

C. Nucleus


What is the definition of a cell?

Generalised cell is the smallest unit which can sustain life and reproduce

True or False? A prokaryotic cell has a nucleus?


A cell is composed of a ______ surrounded by ______ which contains various organelles. The limiting boundary of the cell is the _________.

Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Plasma Membrane

State the 2 main functions of the cell


1. Separate cells from each other

2. Separate internal substance from outside


Passage through the cell membrane is determined by; _____ - large molecules restricted. ______ - some substance dissolve in fat. ______ - positive and negative ions attract, some charge repels. _______ - allow easier passage through membrane

Size, Solubility, Charge of ions and Carrier


What is the scientific term of a cell with a



Ribosomes are dark bodies made up of what?

A. Carbohydrates

B. Fats

C. Proteins

D. Plasma Membrane


Match the parts of the city with the parts of a cell

Control Centre Cell Membranes

City Border Mitochondria

Highways and Roads Endoplasmic reticulum

Power Company Nucleus

Control Centre - Nucleus

City Border- Cell Membrane

Highways and Roads - Endoplasmic reticulum

Power Company - Mitochondria

Define Lysosomes and state its main function?

Membrane bags containing powerful digestive enzymes. Functions as the cells demolition site- helps clear the cell if non-useable and foreign substances.

True of False? Mitochondria are sausage like shaped organelles?


What is the energy that is not lost as heat used to form in the mitochondria?

ATP- Adenosine Triphosphate

List the 5 components of a cytoplasmic


- Ribosomes

- Endoplasmic Reticulum

- Golgi Apparatus

- Lysosomes

- Mitochondria

This is a definition of what? Stack of flattened membranes sacs. Found close to the nucleus and directs cellular proteins

Golgi Apparatus

Which of the following are fluid like canals, that are mini circulatory system for the cell?

A. Endoplasmic Reticulum

B. Organelles

C. Lysosomes

D. Plasma Membrane


Between which 2 key components of a cell is the cytoplasm located?

Between the plasma membrane and nucleus membrane