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Cell Theory:

- all living organisms are composed of cells

1) All Living Organisms are Made of Cells

2) A Cell is the Smallest Unit of Life

3) Cells Arise from Pre-Exsisting Cells

1) Building Blocks of All Living Organisms

2) Smallest Structure that is Capable of Surviving on It's Own

3) - New Cells Arise from Cell Division

- Zygotes Formed from Fusion of Gametes

Atypical Examples of Cell Theory:

1) Striated Muscle

2) Giant Algae

3) Aseptate Fungi

1) Striated Muscle - Made of Long Cells with Hundreds of Nuclei

2) Giant Algae - Made of One Long Cell with One Nuclei

3) Aseptate Fungi - Long Undivided Hyphae containing many Nuclei