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What is the source of energy for almost all livint things?
What is the source of energy for almost all living things?
What is the ability to do work?
What is the chemical substance that can be used store energy?
Where is the energy in food located?
locked in the bonds that link atoms together.
Give me an example of an autotroph?
green plants
What is photosynthesis?
The process in which the energy of sunlight is used to produce food.
What is the chemical equation for respiration?
Glucose + Oxygen-----Carbon Dioxide + Water +ATP
What is the first step in photosynthesis?
The first step occurs when energy in the form of sunlight is captured by the chlorophyll in the chloroplasts.
What does an organism need to repair cell parts, and to make new cell parts?
During photosynthesis what is used to produce glucose and oxygen?
carbon dioxide and water
What is the second step of photosynthesis?
The second step in photosynthesis is the process in which the radiant energy of sunlight is converted into the chemical energy found in food.
What is the basic food produced by photosynthesis?
The simple sugar called glucose
Give me an example of a heterotroph?
In addition to sunlight, what do green plants need to perform photosynthesis?
carbon dioxide and water
What is a waste product of photosynthesis?
What produced during photosynthesis is required by nearly all living things?
An organism can produce all the chemicals of life by using what?
glucose and other substances
During respiration what is used to produce carbon dioxide and water?
glucose and oxygen
What is the chemical equation for photosynthesis?
Carbon Dioxide + Water-----Glucose + Oxygen
Carbon Dioxide enters the plant through openings on the surface of the leaf called?
What are organisms that can make their own food called?
What is the energy releasing process that does not require oxygen:less efficient than respiration.
What are organisms that cannot make their own food and have to rely on other sources called?
What is a carbohydrate or compound made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms?
What is the process in which simple food substances such as glucose are broken down and the energy they contain is released called?
What is a gas found in the atmosphere needed for photosynthesis?
carbon dioxide
During the process of respiration what is given off?
carbon dioxide and water
Give me an example of an organism that uses fermentation?
What type of respiration requires oxygen?
aerobic respiration
Why is oxygen an important waste product of photosynthesis?
It helps us breathe
What is the opposite process of respiration?
What does the prefix aero mean?
In what organelle does the process of respiration occur?
the mitochondria
What is one of the main components of air?
Why do plants need oxygen?
In order to release the energy in food