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What are static routes used in?
-Stub networks
-smaller, non expanding networks
-features such as DDR- dial on demand routing
What are stub networks?
-only one port is in and out
What are distance vector characteristics?
-slow convergence
-good scalabilty
-limited scalalbilty (ex. RIP)
Link state protocol characterisitics
-fast convergence
-good scalabilty
-less routing traffic overhead
-more knowledge needed for implementation and maintanence
Name some characterisitics of distance vector routing
-routing updates are periodic (30 sec)
-sends whole routing tables
-no triggered updates
-uses hop counts
Link State
-uses Hello, i am here (routers)
-doesnt send out updates unless it goes down then sends out multicast
IGP- interior gateway protocols
-routing inside autonomous systems
EGP- exterior gateway protocols
-between autonomous protocols
What are the metrics for RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP
RIP- hop count
EIGRP- min bandwidth, cumm delay
OSPF- cumm cost
IGRP- min bandwidh, cumm delay
BGP- AS-path
Examples of EGP
Examples of IGP
Flat routing protocol
-classful routing
-RIPv1 and v2, IGRP
Heirarchial routing protocol
-ex. OSPF, IS-IS
EIGRP is it heirarchial or flat?
On-demand routing
-reduces dynamic routing traffic overhead
-ideal for hub and spoke
-hubs dynamically maintain routes to stub spokes- no IP routing on stub spokes
-uses CDP- cisco discovery protocol
Which RIP version supports VSLM?
-rip v 2
What is the max # of hops in rip v 2?
-enhanced interior gateway routing protcol
-uses same metric * 256
-advanced distance vector
-some link state protocols
-open shortest path first
-large, scalable networks where RIP failed
-good scalabilty
-mulitple area design
-subnet mask in updates
-no periodic updates
-open shortest path first
-large, scalable networks where RIP failed
-good scalabilty
-mulitple area design
-subnet mask in updates
-no periodic updates
Integrate IS-IS
-based on open system interconnection (OSI) IS-IS
-link state protocol
-support for IP, OSI routing protocols
-used for Level 2 routers for interconnecting areas
-Level 1 routers for internal to areas
-difficult to implement
-there is no area 0
Name 5 different routing protcols
-RIP v 2
BGP= border gateway protoccol
-internet routing
-distance vector
-between asynchronous systems
what routing protocols can you find in the access, distribution, and core areas?
-access- OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS

-distribution- selected access protocol

-core- RIPv2, OSPF, EIGRP, ODR, Static
What type of connectivity does PSTN use?
AAA static routing
snapshot routing
What type of connectivity does the internet use?
static routing
What is redistribution ? used in Routing protocols?
-enables protocol coexistence in a single network
-routes between sites