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State the purpose of Naval Intelligence

a system of personnel, procedures, equipment, and facilities afloat and ashore. Supports naval and joint operations.

What are the five steps of the Intelligence Cycle?

-Planning and Direction



-Analysis and Production



What are the 3 categories of Intelligence?




Define National, Theater, and Fleet Level Intelligence Organizations

-National level is the Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center

-Theater level is the Combatant Command Joint Intelligence Operations Center

-Fleet Level are the joint Task Force Joint Intelligence Support Elements

Define PIR

Priority Intelligence Requirements, intelligence requirements critical to accomplishing the mission.

Define CCIR

Commander's Critical Information Requirements is intelligence crucial and requires the immediate attention of the commander

Explain Intelligence Oversight and State the publications that govern it

The process of ensuring that all DoD intelligence, counterintelligence, and intelligence-related activities are conducted in accordance with applicable U.S. Law, Presidential Executie Orders, and DoD directives and regulations.

Define the mission of Fleet Intelligence Office

The Fleet Intelligence Office's job is to plan, manage and execute Fleet Intelligence TYCOM functions that optimize intelligence readiness across the Navy warfare areas.

Define the Subordinate Commands of Fleet Intelligence Office

NIOC- advances information operations war fighting capabilities for naval and joint forces by providing operationally focused training & planning support.

MCIA- Marine Corps Intel Activity, provides tailored intel and services to Marine Corpos, other services, & the intel community based on expeditionary mission profiles in littoral areas

Explain ISR mission requirements and fundamentals

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, provides a level of planning, analysis and targeting support.

What are 5 different types of Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence

Signals Intelligence

Communications Intelligence

Electronic Intelligence

Imagery Intelligence

Acoustic Intelligence

Give 3 examples of Intelligence briefs


Foreign Travel

NATO Security