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1. Abraham
1. The spiritual father of the Jewish people.
2. Act of Contrition
2. A prayer we say to tell God that we are sorry for our sins.
3. Adam and Eve
3. The first humans created by God. They lived in the Garden of Eden.
4. Advent
4. The Church season that prepares for the coming of Christ at Christmas.
5. Advent wreath
5. An evergreen wreath in which four candles are set. Three candles are the same color and one will be a different color. One candle is lit on each Sunday of Advent.
6. Altar
6. The holy table on which the sacrifice of the Mass is offered.
7. Amen
7. The word means "Yes! Let it be so!" When you say or sing this word, it means you agree with what has been said.
8. Angels
8. Spiritual beings with intelligence and free will who act as messengers for God.
9. Anointing of the sick
9. The sacrament of healing which is celebrated when one is in danger of death or has an extended or serious illness.
10. Apostles
10. The twelve leaders Jesus chose and sent forth to continue the work he began.