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current Occupational Outlook Handbook is how old
two years old
How old must you be to work at a hazardous job
at least 18 years old
What kinds of jobs offer high pay
jobs with danger, jobs that require higher education and a small supply of qualified workers
Guide for Occupational Exploration
a book that defines and gives information about each career interest area
what can a computerized guidance program help you with
identify your values, get ready to look for a job, write about your own skills
Occupational Outlook Handbook
abook with general information about 250 different jobs, telling what workers do, how much they are paid, and what the future prospects are
what are the best sources for most current job market
newspaper, magazines, and pamphlets
Work enviroment
the surroundings in which people do their jobs
The Dictionary of Occupational Titles does not inlude, what
information about education and training requirements for jobs
Dictionary of Occupational Exploration
a book that lists 20,000 different jobs and classifies them in different ways
part-time worker
a person who works less than 40 hours per week
a person who works without pay
the first step in researching a career
thinking about the kind of information you need
cooperative education programs
schedules that allow students to spend part of the day at school and part of the day on the job
What should you ask yourself when considering a career area
Do I have skills or aptitudes for this work
temporary worker
a person whose job is intended to last only for a limited time, such as several weeks or a few months