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what is a myocardial infarction

heart attack

cerebrovascular accident


what is atherosclerosis?

plaque builds up

decrease vessel diameter

decrease blood flow

how does plaque develop?

damage to endothelial cells

what damages endothelial cells?

high blood pressure

substances in tobacco smoke

bacterial/viral infections

how does a heart attack occur?

oxygen supply is less than oxygen demanded

heart tissue suffocates

heart tissue dies

what is angina?

chest pain signaling a heart attack

early signs of a heart attack

chest pain

pain in left arm

how does a stroke occur?

decrease blood flow in cerebral artery

brain tissue suffocates

brain cells die

what is congestive heart failure?

heart fails to pump efficiently

can cause congestion in the lungs

what causes congestive heart failure?

high blood pressure

heart attack


birth defects

what is normal blood pressure range?


what is high blood pressure?


complications of hypertension


heart attack


heart failure

reducing the risk of hypertension

quit smoking

lose weight


manage stress

what is a thrombus

stationary blockage in blood vessels

what is an embolism

a floating clot in blood vessels

what is an aneurysm

ballooned outward section in blood vessel

what is a hemorrhage

rupture in blood vessel

what is a c reactive protein?

blood marker of inflammation

CRP is a better predictor of CVD risk than

elevated LDL

risks from cigarettes

increase LDL

decrease HDL

increases free radical production

increases platelet stickiness

what factors increase LDL

saturated fats

dietary cholesterol


what factors decrease LDL

soluble fiber

monosunsaturated fats

soy protein


testing for disease


stress test

CT scan

coronary bypass sugery

saphenous vein bypasses plaque


wiring to give support/expand artery