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How will adenosine not work?

If taken with caffeine or theophylline

Which beta blocker can increase lipid levels?


Which beta blocker is contraindicated in Prinzmetal angina?


What electrolyte abnormality increases the toxicity of all Class 1 Anti-Arrythmics?


What electrolyte abnormality indicates a poor prognosis for Digoxin?



Phosphodiesterase inhibitor

Decreases preload and after load, raises contractility

Short term use

Which drug for the cardiovascular system can cause hyperprolactinemia?

Calcium channel blockers

Pyogenic Granuloma

Hemangioma that can ulcerate and bleed

Seen in trauma and pregnancy


Persistent lymphedema


What are the three drugs that demonstrate the Coronary Steal Phenomenon?




What is Ergonovine used for?

Diagnosis of Variant Angina

Tests for coronary vasospasm by constricting smooth muscle by stimulating alpha and serotonin receptors

What do some sweat peas contain that can cause cardiac problems?


Can mimic myxomatous degeneration by inhibiting lysyl oxidase

What congenital defect occurs when the pulmonary vein drains into the right ventricle

Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return

What does ANP do?

Inhibits renin and aldosterone secretion


Decreases sodium reabsorption

Constricts efferent and dilates afferent arteriole

What may a T wave inversion be a sign of?

May indicate a recent MI

Stab wound below the hyoid bone

Carotid Body

Stab wound below the cricoid cartilage

Ansa Cervicalis

Which cardiac abnormality is associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?


Which vasculitis is associated with Polymyalgia Rheumatica?

Temporal (Giant Cell) Arteritis

What is a pulsatile abdominal mass that grows with time?

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

How does increasing the HR affect Diastole?

It progressively shortens Diastole due to less time for the ventricle to fill

Where does the sound for an MR radiate to?

The Axilla

Where does the sound for a TR radiate to?

The right sternal border

Where does the sound for an aortic stenosis radiate to?

The carotids

What are the ECG findings for WPW Syndrome?

Shortened PR interval

Delta wave

Wide QRS interval

What can be used for diagnosing heart failure?

BNP (Has a high negative predictive value)

What are the two factors that are involved in SM migration with atherosclerosis?


Why do you get orthopnea in LVF?

Due to increased venous return when you are supine which makes the problem worse

Does right heart failure lead to painful or painless hepatomegaly?

Painful due to resistance of portal flow from increased central venous pressure

Which vascular tumor is associated with radiation therapy and arsenic exposure?


Which vascular tumor is associated with post-radical mastectomy?