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How is blood flow in the left vs. right side of heart?
Equal - both is 5 L/min
is pressure/resistance higher in pulmonary or systemic circulation?
where is the
-tricuspid valve?
-mitral valve?
tri = right AV valve

mitral = left AV valve
What is the period between Mitral valve closing and Aortic valve opening?
what happens during Systole?
Ventricular contraction.
1. Isovolumetric contraction
2. Ventricular ejection
Systole =
ventricles contract
Diastole =
ventricles relax
systole =
ventricles contract
diastole =
ventricles relax
when are ventricles contracting?
when are ventricles relaxing?
what occurs between lub and dub heart sounds?
SYSTOLE - period between mitral valves shutting and semilunar valves shutting.
what are the 3rd and 4th heart sounds?
3rd = rapid ventricular filling during early diastole

4th = atrial systole (contraction) during reduced filling
what is atrial systole?
diastasis - reduced filling of the ventricles
when is diastasis more important?
during increased heart rates.
what does stenosis cause?
-narrowed valve opening
-pressure buildup behind valve
-murmur when valve open
what does insufficiency cause?
-abnormal valve closing
-regurgitation murmur when valve is closed.
what abnormality is heard when a valve is open?
what abnormality is heard when a valve is closed?
what are 2 stenotic abnormalities of aortic valve?
-Bicuspid Aortic valve
-Senile Aortic stenosis
what is bicuspid aortic valve?
what is senile aortic stenosis?
Bicuspid = congenital defect, narrow aortic valve restricts BF

Senile = stiff, calcified aortic valve
what is a cause of mitral stenosis?
bacterial rheumatic fever.